Nixon Meeting: The Photographs

Oval Office (Dec. 21, 1970)

These photographs were taken by an official White House photographer when Elvis met with President Nixon in the Oval Office on Dec 21, 1970.

For the full background story, see When Elvis Met Nixon on the Smithsonian web site and When Nixon Met Elvis on the National Archives web site.

Roll 5364

Roll 5369

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Elvis’ Gift to President Nixon


ARC Identifier: 1178

  • Photographs of President Nixon and Elvis Presley, 12/21/1970
  • There are 28 Elvis-Nixon photos, shot by Nixon’s chief photographer, Ollie Atkins, on December 21, 1970.
  • They are identified as Roll 5364, frames 02 through 23, and Roll 5369, frames 12a through 17a.
  • The photos on Roll 5364 depict Nixon, Elvis, and Nixon staffer Egil Krogh.
  • Roll 5369 photos depict Nixon, Elvis and Elvis’ bodyguards.
  • The famous photograph is item number 5364-18.

ROLL 5364
ARC Identifier: 194703
Richard M. Nixon Meeting with Elvis Presley, 12/21/1970

ROLL 5369
ARC Identifier: 194704
President Richard M. Nixon Meeting Elvis Presley And Two of His Associates, Jerry Schilling And Sonny West, 12/21/1970

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COPYRIGHT NOTICE These photographs were taken by a White House photographer and transferred to the National Archives as part of the materials under the Presidential Recordings and Materials Preservation Act.

As the work product of a U.S. Government photographer, the National Archives considers these images to be ineligible for copyright protection, per 17 U.S.C. 105.

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