FBI Files: Part 2 of 12

(Source: https://vault.fbi.gov/Elvis%20Presley%20, released 12/06/2010)

This is the second set of papers released from the FBI vault that involve Elvis containing 663 pages in total.

The first 51 pages are available in part one of this series. This set contains the next 25 pages of documents.

This set includes details regarding harassing phone calls, a letter to J. Edgar Hoover disapproving of Elvis (see Selected Highlights below), details of an extortion attempt, details of a threatened kidnap while Elvis was performing in Las Vegas as well as details of a death threat against Elvis.

Selected Highlights

Letter to J. Edgar Hoover
Date: 03/15/69

Dear Honorable Sir,

. . .

Quite a few years ago I wrte[sic] to you about the repulsive antics of Elvis Presley. Look at the money he is still making to-day! Still harming our youth! I believe he has done more harm in his style of dancing, to our young people than any one element in our society. It put the suggestive ideas into more young people because he was before them on television so much! This sort of thing had not been seen by many, many of our young people, before this time, it could only be seen at side-shows, so this was something new, something very thrilling to our boys and girls. It spread like wild-fire. It opened up something very daring and catching.

(PDF page 3)

General Investigative Division
Date: 08/29/70

This is a new matter involving victim, Elvis Presley, well-known entertainer currently appearing at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Anonymous call received by victim’s manager at Las Vegas 2:55 P.M., 8/27/70 stating Elvis was going to be kidnapped this weekend. At 6:15 A.M., 8/28/70 wife of a confidante of victim who is with him in Las Vegas, received anonymous call attempting to contact her husband and stated Elvis was going to get it tomorrow night; 45 minutes later same caller again called and stated a killer, who is a madman, was going to shoot Elvis, that he had a gun with a silencer.

(PDF page 7)

FBI Files Part 02

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