Medical Examiner’s Report on the Death of Elvis (1977)

Case No. 77-1944 (Oct. 20, 1977)

Below is a transcription of the Medical Examiner’s Report as well as a PDF copy of the report, which was carried out on Elvis after his death. This 2-page report was signed and submitted by the Shelby County Medical Examiner, Dr. Jerry Francisco (who also signed the death certificate of Martin Luther King, Jr.).

Dr. Jerry T. Francisco

The cause of death noted on this report was “H.C.V.D. associated with ASHD” which refers to “Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease associated with Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease.”

Note, as clarified on the Elvis Decoded blog, this report is NOT the official autopsy report, which is the private property of the Presley family. Also, this is not the official death certificate, which, under Tennessee law will be kept private for 50 years after Elvis’ death and will therefore be made public in 2027.

It’s also interesting to note that the report wasn’t signed until October 1977. The date appears to be 10/20/77, over 2 months after Elvis’ death!

Acknowledgment: Thanks to The Death of Elvis: What Really Happened by Charles C. Thompson and James P. Cole for some of the transcriptions!

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Transcription of the Report

Case No. 77-1944

858 Madison Avenue


Decedent: Elvis Aron Presley  Race: W  Sex: M  Age: 42

Home Address: 3764 Elvis Presley Blvd  M W S D: [blank]  Occupation: Entertainer

Type of Death (Check one only): Found Dead

Notification by: City Homicide  Address: City[?]

Investigating Agency: SCME & MPD [Shelby County Medical Examiner & Memphis Police Dept.]

Description of Body: Unclothed  Circumcised: No

Eyes: Bl  Hair: Bl  Mustache: 0  Beard: 0

Weight: [blank]  Length: [blank]  Body Temp: [blank]  Date and Time: [blank]

Rigor: Yes  Liver Color: J [?] Fixed

Marks and Wounds: Congestion to face & upper torso

[Note] Autopsy at BMH

[Notations on body diagrams]: Pale Pressure Mark [by left eye]  Sutured Thorocatomy [left side of ribs/chest]

Probable Cause of Death:
H.C.V.D. associated with ASHD
 Manner of Death:
Disposition of Case:

I hereby declare that after receiving notice of the death described herein I took charge of the body and made Inquiries regarding the cause of death in accordance with Section 38-701-714 Tennessee Code Annotated; and that the information contained herein regarding such death is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

County of Appointment
/s/J. Francisco
Signature of County Medical Examiner


Transcription: Page 2

Personal History: [blank]

Conduct Before Death: [blank]

Last Seen Alive Injury or Illness Death Discovery Medical Examiner Notified View of Body Police Notified
Date 8-16-77   8-16-77 8-16-77 8-16-77 8-16-77 8-16-77
Time 08:00   Pa?
15 30
1400 1600 1730 1530
Location City or County Type of Premises (Hospital, Hotel, Highway, Etc.)
Injury or Onset of Illness Home
Death DoA BMH. Resusc attempted
Viewing of Body by Medical Examiner BMH


Name of Physician or Institution Address Diagnosis Date
G Nichopoulos Memphis[?] HCUD / Colon Problem[?]


Name Address
Found Dead By (1)Ginger Alden Same
Last Seen Alive By
Witness to Injury or
Illness and Death


Found on floor of dressing room by above(1) [Ginger Alden] who had been sleeping in adjoining room. No indication of foul play. Had been ok in early AM. Hx [history] of playing racketball in early A.M. Family consent signed[?] for autopsy – to be performed at B.M.H. [Baptist Memorial Hospital]

Copies Of the Report


Here is the same report as images

Medical Examiner’s Report: Page 1

Medical Examiner’s Report: Page 2


  1. To clarify, it says “Hx of playing racketball in early A.M.” Hx is the medical abbreviation for “history.” Therefore, Elvis had a “history of playing racketball in early A.M.”

  2. Hi I hope you can clarify something for me, on Elvis decoded it says that ” Dr. Francisco said that “Elvis did not have an impacted colon at the time of his death.” but I can not see that here so where does it say that if not on the coroners report, thanks

    • I have no idea where that quote from Dr. Francisco comes from, but if the colon was normal in the medical exam after his death, it wouldn’t have been reported there as they only would have reported on anything abnormal, I would assume.

  3. So heartbreaking..Someone on top of the world having so many problems. Money can’t fix everything..If it was today, he probably would havebeen treated correctly and lived. I never had him in my time, wish i did. Rest in peace Elvis, you’re loved and never forgotten

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